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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What keeps you from being courageous ?

Yesterday I listened to Leesa Renee Hall from Faithfully Rich during the Breakdown to Break Free telesummit. She discussed a lot of things and provided some really juicy information, but one take away in particular is the inspiration for this blog post. She talked about courage. She mentioned how women in particular struggle in this area and how we are notorious for carrying around baggage that prevents us from moving forward. When she said that I thought to myself...hmmm is she trying to call me out? I knew right then and there what she was talking about concerning me so here it goes.  I'm about to let it all hang out in a moment...
I used to be in not one, but several abusive relationships. Although I have a feisty and a "I'll kick you in the throat if you mess with me" attitude, when it came down to relationships, I allowed myself to become a human doormat. I didn't stand up for myself. I was an emotional wreck. On one occasion (believe me there were many) I allowed a man, who was to my fiance, drag me through the foyer of his home, onto his front doorstep trying to yank the ring he gave me off my finger because I "said" something to piss him off. Tyler Perry's "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" had nothing on me.

I moved across state lines to be with this man all for him to tell me shortly after I got there that I needed to get my own place because I was in the way and he needed some space. Here I am, in a new city with no family and no friends, having to figure out where to go and how to survive.

I share this piece of my life with you not because I want your pity. I have forgiven my abuser and I pray that God has mercy on him and heals him from whatever wounds that caused him to treat me the way he did. I share from a place of empowerment. And as I empower you I empower myself.

What is keeping you from being courageous? Who has hurt you so deeply that it's preventing you for passionately pursuing your goals, dreams and aspirations? What is it on the inside that's making you think you "can't" do something? Who are you allowing to control you and keep you captive to the negative thoughts within?

When it comes to embracing a life of health and wellness, its more than what you put in your mouth and how often you hit the gym. Many of us stay stuck in mediocrity and feel trapped in a body that is no longer serving us well because we are paralyzed by fear and this keeps us from being fearlessly courageous. We aren't standing bold in that which we want or desire because something or someone turned off the courage switch.

Maybe you've tried to lose weight in the past and you didn't reach your goal. Or you did reach your goal but you gained the weight right back. Maybe a doctor told you that what you're dealing with is not curable and that you will be subject to a life of endless medication. Or maybe its a toxic relationship that has broken your spirit and makes you feel unworthy. Whatever it is, what's stopping you from being courageous?

Deep inside we all have an untapped courage quotient. Looking back, in spite of the hurt and fear I encountered from my past relationships I managed to get courageous. It took courage to figure out what to do and how to navigate my way in a new city where I had no roots in the community and no support system to lean on. It took courage to pick myself up, dust myself off and learn to love again. It took courage for me to break free from my unhealthy relationship with food and finally decide that I was worthy of health and that achieving my ideal weight was possible.

It's time for you to face whatever is keeping you from being courageous. You can't move forward until you recognize what it is and make a decision to confront it so that you can break from it. If a life of vibrant health is what you want, GET COURAGEOUS about it. If you want to achieve your ideal weight and you aren't sure exactly how to do it, GET COURAGEOUS and seek help.

It takes courage to ask for help but if you never ask, you'll never know what you are capable of accomplishing. Comment and share with me your thoughts on courage. What helped you gain the courage you needed to get to where you are? Or what areas do you see in your life where you could use a good dose of courage? GET COURAGEOUS and lay it out on the line...

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