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Friday, May 18, 2012

Basic Healthy Living meets P90X


So my husband Robert has decided to be my first male case study. For the next 90 days Robert is embarking upon a total body transformation, from the inside out. Robert has already managed to reverse his high blood pressure predicated upon my dietary recommendations, now he plans to totally transform his body into a muscular, plant based, nutritional powerhouse. He decided to do this as a way to reboot his system. We are first starting him off with a 15 day herbal detox that targets the liver, kidneys and the colon specifically. While on the 15 day detox, Robert is eating a complete plant based diet consisting of fresh organic juices, green smoothies, power salads, raw food dishes, nuts, seeds, and legumes. He is also joining forces with P90X for the physical body sculpting portion of the case study. After the 90 days, Robert plans to maintain his "new" body by following a 70% plant based diet. He has already asserted that his will NEVER give up meat, but he understands and realizes that his body is much better off with less of it.
Robert as of 5/14/12
Journey with us as we take Robert from this------->>>>>>> to "Phine and Fabulous" in 90 days. I will be posting his progress as well as providing detailed information into his diet and daily regimen. Stay tuned, this is gonna be good!

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