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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Robert's Health & Fitness Progress: Week 3

 So it's been 2 weeks since Robert began his detox, plant based diet and P90X. Here are the results so far:

May 15th

May 28th      

May 15th Before

May 28th After
 Robert's Detox is over. (He only did a 14 day detox.) He will continue on a plant based diet (80%) and will stay on track with his P90X fitness program. I will provide another update in 2 weeks regarding his progress. Staples in Robert's diet include fresh organic vegetable juices, Spirulina, fresh fruit green smoothies, organic nuts and seeds, LOTS and LOTS of organic greens and salads. Robert has eliminated all processed foods, refined starches and sugar. He does eat chicken and fish occasionally, but these items make up 10-20% of his overall food intake.

Case Study

Subject: Robert Chapman, 43 year old black male
Health Concerns/Challenges: Overweight, Chronic Fatigue, Low Energy, Episodes of High Blood Pressure, Previous challenges with depression
Health/Fitness Goals: Healthy Weight, Increased Energy, Stable Blood Pressure, Lean Muscular Build

Continue to eat a primarily plant based diet, complete another detox Fall 2012, continue P90X fitness regimen.

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  1. Awesome,can't wait to see the end results