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Friday, June 29, 2012

"A Double Minded Man is....

...unstable in all his ways"- James 1:8.  I want to thank my dear sister-in Christ Tyeisha Hilbert from Journaling Through Healing for inspiring this post. Many people have asked me should they continue to take their medication while performing a detox. Well, I would never tell a person what to do nor is it my job especially when it comes to one's health. Your health is just that, YOUR HEALTH. God gives each and every one of us free will to think and choose as we see fit, especially when it comes to our health. I will however propose the following for you to think about.

A detox is done in an effort to rid the body of toxins, known and unknown with the purpose of cleansing the body so that it can do what it was designed by God to do which is heal on its own. Once the body is clean, it is then in a position to receive the proper nourishment so that the body can operate at maximum efficiency. It's a concept I love to refer to as "Detoxify then Fortify." So, if you are sick and you are taking man-made drugs that by their own definition are not designed to heal, but instead designed to treat and manage symptoms of disease and pathology, why on earth would you continue to take them if you are trying to detox? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If you have been taking the same pills for 10 years and you are still sick, then I guess you must be ok with keeping your sickness and perhaps being considered insane. I mean, I hear some people say that, "well my medicine helps me control {blank}" Control? Hmmmm, machines need to be controlled. Traffic needs to be controlled. Children need to be controlled, but sickness? Why embrace and then attempt to control a sickness or a disease? A conscience person would want to get rid of disease not control it. By definition the word control means to hold in restraint, to direct or manage. I don't know about you but sickness is not one of those things I can see myself wanting to control. I want to arrest and eradicate, eliminate and subdue.I want dominion.

The world is so conditioned to be afraid that the very thing you fear, you attract. if you fear that by not taking your pharmaceutical toxins while on a detox will make you sick, then it really doesn't matter because for 1) You are already sick and 2) You may be detoxing your body physically, but clearly there are some emotional and psychological fears you need to deal with or else you will still stay sick. There is a powerful connection between the mind, body and spirit. They are an inextricable trio. You cannot experience complete healing if you are harboring thoughts of fear, anger, jealousy, self doubt, hatred, anxiety, worry etc. You can literally prolong or halt the healing process by not dealing with issues that are mental and spiritual in nature. When you learn to stop operating in fear and begin thinking for yourself amazing things happen.

If one attempts to take medication while taking an herbal detox (which you are free to do as it is your body) the medication is going to be treated as a toxin and eliminated from the body. It's that simple. So if it makes you feel better on some mental level to keep taking your medicine while on an herbal detox, then go right ahead. But perhaps you need to address whatever subconscious need that you are trying to fill by taking toxic pharmaceutical drugs while trying to detox. So to answer the question, should I continue to take my medicine while on an herbal detox? Remember this: "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." -James 1:8

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